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Ahhh the drive-thru. Parent's salvation from not knowing how to cook, and kids salvation how to get themselves absolutely filthy while eating and enjoy every second. If you've ever had a classic drive-thru story, chances are you might find something to relate to.

Hello, Yes This is Dinosaur

cretaceous dinosaur drive thru pharmacy - 6511152896
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drive thru fast food McDonald's restaurant - 6286794240
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"Drive Thru Open"

accidents car crash drive thru taco bell - 7963915776
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Everything's Better With Dinosaurs

monday thru friday sign drive thru dinosaurs t rex - 8422463232
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Hello, Yes This is Car

burger king car drive thru fast food McDonald's - 6596917504
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Dark Side Drive-Thru

drive thru fast food food service gifs star wars stormtrooper - 5233502976
videos drive thru pranks monday thru friday g rated - 48302081

The Most Terrifying Drive-Thru Prank

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Can I Take Your Order?

army drive thru McDonald's - 6279901440
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DJ Drive Thru on the Wheels of Steel!

dj drive thru taco bell - 6276824576
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This Drive Thru Employee Has Had Just About Enough of Your Friggin Pranks

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"Yeah, Could I Get Two Big Macs and Some Large Fries, Please?"

drive thru fire McDonald's truck - 6510906624
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