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They're Tired of Your "Zany" Requests

Grumpy Cat pizza work no delivery - 8025109504
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Always Leave a Note (and a Piece of Candy)

monday thru friday candy work note delivery - 8147296768
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Busier Than Santa's Elves

delivery monday thru friday package g rated - 8409541376
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No One Will Suspect a Thing

monday thru friday work package UPS delivery - 8147494400
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The Definition of Insanity: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting a Different Result

UPS package delivery delivery - 7829578240
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Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Brown...

batman delivery package UPS - 6098401536
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Even Better If It Was Spearing a Pizza on Its Horn

delivery food service pizza unicorn - 5195021312
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Best Delivery Job Ever

monday thru friday work delivery bacon g rated - 8039804160
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busted delivery depressing dickheads ergonomics fired junk mail lazy letters mail mailbox mailman nap Sad screw you sleeping sleeping on the job usps work smarter not harder - 3679772672
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"Special" Delivery

special delivery funny delivery - 7510684672
Created by stg2010
pizza videos pranks delivery - 48666881

A Pizza Man Stumbles into a Gathering of the Most Secret Society

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This Delivery's Going to Take a While...

delivery package - 6390297600
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The World is Full of Bastards and You Fit the Bill Nicely

delivery mailbox package package delivery usps - 6529681664
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Who Needs Boxes Anyway?

boxes pizza delivery - 6974785536
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Narwhals > Mona Lisa

delivery drawing mona lisa note request - 5011639808
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There Was No Mat to Leave it Under

monday thru friday package hidden package delivery delivery - 8279656704
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