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Thanks, Domino's!

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By Unknown

Humanity's Best Hope for the Apocalypse

delivery fedex Hall of Fame zombie - 5022865152
By kateerin

Why Samuel Beckett Wasn't a FedEx Driver

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No One Will See it There...

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You Mean That's NOT His Name?

delivery kids signature monday thru friday parenting pizza g rated - 8274966016
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Be Very Quiet...

monday thru friday fedex package facebook UPS delivery - 8411685120
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Everyone Please Take Note: The Color Brown Is Now Copyright

color delivery shipping UPS - 5273668608
FAIL job crash Video delivery - 72045313

This Delivery Guy Might Have Hit Your Car Twice, But At Least He Delivered Your Package in One Piece

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Ask Them to Draw Something on the Package. Chances Are You Won't Be Disappointed.

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By Unknown

Two Carts? No Problem!

monday thru friday package delivery - 8405224960
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UPS Delivery Guys: Former Stealth Ops Agents, All of Them

UPS package delivery delivery monday thru friday g rated - 6529322240
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Let Pescetarians Know That You're Here For Them!

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Dino Packaging

comments delivery dinosaur drawing packaging request - 5177060096
By summerofevidence

The World is Full of Bastards and You Fit the Bill Nicely

delivery mailbox package package delivery usps - 6529681664
By Unknown

No One Will Suspect a Thing

monday thru friday work package UPS delivery - 8147494400
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