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Didn't Feel Like Working Today, Sent The Dog Instead

construction construction worker dogs g rated Hall of Fame pavement - 5975973632
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boredom cardboard clever construction creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle rage decoration depressing fort ghetto gross hobo homeless ingenuity mess osha passive aggressive Sad shanty trashy warning sign work smarter not harder wrapping - 3489082624
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We've Got You!

monday thru friday safety first construction g rated - 8256415488
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hammer construction tools classic Video win - 77221121

Now This Guy Knows How to Swing a Hammer

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Bargain Bin Prices, Abandoned Basement Quality

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Everyone Likes to Sneak in a Nap at Work

monday thru friday nap construction sidewalk - 8285768960
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Right. "Progress."

monday thru friday sign construction - 8347509760
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cigarettes construction - 57443329

This Might Be the Most Badass Way to Light a Cigarette Ever

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Cranes: Making Dreams Come True

monday thru friday work construction crane - 8160729600
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A Nice, Relaxing Afternoon Nap

monday thru friday nap construction - 8212267520
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Hopefully the Long Piece Will Come Next

construction tetris monday thru friday g rated - 6818292736
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Gonna Have a Bad Time in 3... 2... 1...

construction genius - 6345947392
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not my job moments | Repair guy did this combat overheating punching holes in a computer | sign billboard MY BOSS SAID PUT SOMETHING UP

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments of Failure

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Remember Kids, Safety Last

China chinese construction - 5968442880
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Your Move, Dude

construction tic tac toe - 6773297152
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The One Degree Implies the Career, Usually

college construction degree employment philosophy - 5364352768
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