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It's under construction careful of falling memes and jokes. Keep your eyes peeled and laugh at everything and anything industrial.

Remember Kids, Safety Last

China chinese construction - 5968442880
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Always Seek the Most Efficient Solution

monday thru friday construction - 8371212288
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monday thru friday sign boring construction - 8312896000
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not my job moments | Repair guy did this combat overheating punching holes in a computer | sign billboard MY BOSS SAID PUT SOMETHING UP

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments of Failure

Looks good enough.
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Some Things Never Change

construction monday thru friday roller coaster work - 8123106304
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wtf China construction driving Video - 79585025

It Would Make More Sense if These Fighting Bulldozers Were Actually Transformers

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Next Time We Switch!

construction monday thru friday work - 8031483392
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Gonna Have a Bad Time in 3... 2... 1...

construction genius - 6345947392
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A Nice, Relaxing Afternoon Nap

monday thru friday nap construction - 8212267520
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Look Before You Pour FAIL

whoops work construction - 6867433728
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Trash Bags Have Been Provided For Your Protection

construction monday thru friday safety first - 8357137920
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hammer construction tools classic Video win - 77221121

Now This Guy Knows How to Swing a Hammer

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I'm Sure There's No Way This Could Go Wrong

monday thru friday safety first construction - 8235225344
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Cranes: Making Dreams Come True

monday thru friday work construction crane - 8160729600
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Hopefully the Long Piece Will Come Next

construction tetris monday thru friday g rated - 6818292736
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Koshin: Road Werk Ahed

construction road work spelling monday thru friday g rated - 7702083072
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