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Wow Staples, I'm Not Even Mad! That's Impressive!

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By Unknown

Wait, Really?

army Walmart - 6813033472
By Unknown

Walmart Savings

sales Walmart savings - 6547756032
By Tessier


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By Unknown

O No, Pls Halp

bread Walmart - 6175778304
By Unknown

This Will Make a Great "Employee of the Month" Photo

monday thru friday Walmart - 8385993984
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Really Though, That's Quite Offensive

facebook failbook Walmart - 6420128512
By Unknown

The Joys of Working Retail

monday thru friday gloves retail price tag boredom Walmart g rated - 8284837632
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Good Guy Walmart Shopper

candy Walmart Good Guy Greg monday thru friday g rated - 6723308544
By Unknown

There's No Other Way to Say It

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