Monday Thru Friday


And Somewhere in there, Maybe Check Blogs or Something

Chart lazy plan procrastination schedule work - 5390838272
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There's a Missing Sliver that Should Say "You Never Dropped it"

Chart graph lost office supplies pen - 5311821568
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What are You Drinking?

Chart coffee - 7400618240
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I'd Also Like to See It Compared to Actual Apples

apple Chart comparison Hall of Fame ipad - 5076896256
By Unknown

Well Let's Not Oversell the Toilet Benefits

Chart graph prison - 5241641216
By Alexwin

I Always Knew He-Man was a 1%-er

80s cartoons Chart graph he man nerdgasm nostalgia power - 5308694528
By Unknown

Pens are a Totally Different Story

Chart eraser mistakes office supplies pencil poster - 5356884224
By Unknown

Nothing Has Changed Since

Chart fax printer - 4476196096
By Unknown

Not Shown: Part Where the Pen Breaks Open and Spills

broken Chart graph ink paper pen rage - 5300623360
By Unknown

Does Not Compute

Chart metal recycling - 5118544128

Note to Self: Monetize Household Pet

Cats Chart graph money pets - 5355646976
By Unknown

Cruise Control For Cool

caffeine caps lock Chart coffee energy Line Graph - 4589582336
By Unknown

Different Colors Add To The Fun

cartoons Chart drawing face mug post it sticky - 4468830208
By Unknown

Where Does Your Job Fall?

monday thru friday job security Chart work - 8194892288
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A Day In The Life

awesome bathroom breakfast Chart computer fap toilet work - 4527084288
By Unknown

Workplace Subjectivity: Back to School Edition

back to school Chart school teachers - 5131857920
By Ladylore
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