Video military restoring faith in humanity week g rated win - 57026305

The 50 Yard Line Reunion of This Military Dad With His Son is Just the Best

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Keep it Quick, We Want to Hit the Back Nine Today

sign church funny g rated win - 7687103744
Created by SkitteryGirl

Simon Beck's Amazing Snow Art

snow design g rated win - 6924864768
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kids parenting Video win g rated - 67961857

Would You Trust a Nunchuk-Wielding Child Around Your TV?

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stunt BAMF Video motocross g rated win - 61181185

Backflips Are No Big Deal in Motocross, but What if it Was JUST the bike Doing All the Work?

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Like if You Agree, Share if You ALSO Agree

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carpet coffee table design fish g rated illusion table Video win YT video - 30565889

Carpet Illusion WIN

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juggling nerdgasm rubiks cube Video g rated win - 48872449

When Will the Madness Stop? Three Rubik's Cubes, Three Solutions, All Juggling

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A First Class Con Air Pun

movies puns win - 8804714496
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This is an Honest-to-God Unicorn Cake

cake unicorn funny g rated win - 7864044032
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Battle race Dude Perfect Video win - 79861761

Who Wouldn't Want Have a Lawnmower Racing Battle at 60 MPH?!

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adele toddler parenting Video win crying - 76270849

Only Adele's Hello Can Put This Crying Toddler's Woes Into Perspective

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Buy a WIN

accidental win business sign storefront win - 5152071168
Created by cemeteryweather

Ready to Add the Santaur to Your Christmas Tree?

christmas decoration santa g rated win - 8381732864
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dancing alligator bad idea Video g rated win - 70859777

Give Those Gators the Time of Their Lives With Some Dirty Dancing!

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Music mashup covers Video win - 76704257

Take 4 Minutes and Listen to a Bunch of 2015's Hit Songs Mashed Up

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