Girl Sends the Most Righteous Response to Tinder Date Telling Her to Bleach Her Skin

Girl Sends the Most Righteous Response to Tinder Date Telling Her to Bleach Her Skin
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Clever dad plays haircut prank with son on his wife and she freaks out.

Clever Dad Plays Devious Haircut Photoshop Prank on His Wife

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aww cute conversation parenting dad texting funny - 1229317

Girl's Dad Texts Her While Having Meltdown Over Adorable Alpaca, and Everyone Loves Him Now

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Guy gets hit on by bot and responds very well.

Dude Gets Trolled by Thirsty Bot and Handles Situation in the Best Way Possible

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list kids ice cream parenting family texting mom Cats - 914181

Mom Hilariously Calls Out Her Kid for Stealing the Cat's Vanilla Ice Cream

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This Brutal Shutdown of an Ex Looking For a Favor is The Kind of Satisfaction We All Hope For One Day

funny dating fail ex texts for a favor and gets brutally shutdown
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Picture of Plan B morning after pill.

Guy's World Gets Turned Upside down When He Texts Girl Asking Her to Get a 'Morning After' Pill

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FAIL texting video games dating - 1249285

Guy Chooses Destiny Video Game Over Hanging out with Girlfriend, and Dodges the 'Crazy Bullet' in the Process

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list gifs friends texting dating - 805893

Guy Messages Friends as He Sabotages Terrible Date Who Refuses to Put Her Phone Down

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A collection of the funny fail texts that we need. | Person - @Onision 11m Take an IQ test. If is low, don't Onision tweet. Ever. Q 14 278 52 @Onision 13m will literally block being dumb discriminate heavily against people with low IQs. Onision 15 277 O 78

Extra Spicy Geniuses With Golden Banter

On point.
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parody nickelback happy texting Video win dating - 74253313

Nickelblock is the App Everyone After a Breakup Deserves

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funny trolling conversation

Guy Keeps Getting Texts Intended for Girl Who Gives Fake Number to Men, but He's Having Some Fun with It

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Collection of funny wrong number texts that left us very entertained.

12 Perfect Responses To Entertaining Wrong Number Texts

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Truck Driver Meets Wife After Dialing Bathroom Number "For a Good Shag"

romance texting dating - 8969443072
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You Up?

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Guilt-Inducing Message WIN

awesome at work cars driving texting trucks - 4413026304
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