bike dangerous stunt texting Video what - 35522561

Texting Stunt WIN

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improv everywhere prank texting Video g rated win - 49905153

Seeing Eye People Help Out New Yorkers

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teens nostalgia mobile phones texting Video - 75962113

The Struggle is Real For These Teens Using T9 Texting

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Girl Sends the Most Righteous Response to Tinder Date Telling Her to Bleach Her Skin

Girl Sends the Most Righteous Response to Tinder Date Telling Her to Bleach Her Skin
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texting paper airplane Video - 61490689

Social Planes: They're Like Texting, but in Real Life!

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superheroes texting funny - 1009157

10 Times Superheroes Texted Each Other and Made Us Wish They Were Real Life

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When Your Tinder Game is On Point

funny facebook win tinder game is on point
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list gifs friends texting dating - 805893

Guy Messages Friends as He Sabotages Terrible Date Who Refuses to Put Her Phone Down

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dad trolls wife by pretending he gave their son a bad haircut

Mischievous Husband Trolls Wife Into Hysterical Rage With Amazing Use of Photoshop

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funny tinder

This is Exactly How to Use Someone's Profile as an Ice Breaker on Tinder

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You Up?

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A collection of the funny fail texts that we need. | Person - @Onision 11m Take an IQ test. If is low, don't Onision tweet. Ever. Q 14 278 52 @Onision 13m will literally block being dumb discriminate heavily against people with low IQs. Onision 15 277 O 78

Extra Spicy Geniuses With Golden Banter

On point.
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You Win This Round Dog

dogs conversation texting funny win - 8811612672
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Good Looking out Autocomplete

autocomplete texting win - 8795052288
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Clever Church Sign WIN

church driving sign texting - 5004864512
By breyZb
Woman has perfect revenge response to guy's unsolicited dick picture, and sends it off to his mom.

Scottish Lingerie Model Enacts Perfect Revenge After Unsolicited Dick Pic

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