Punishment WIN

cell phones class Music punishment school signs teacher - 4462555392
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Don't Negotiate WIN

clever school teacher tests - 4283943680
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Middle School Science Teacher Finishes Students Doodles

drawing teacher science funny - 8413786368
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Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation

teacher school prank Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation
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A Twitter thread about a student looking up their impactful teacher on Twitter | Raifa Rafiq @RaifaRafiq OMFG! Guys. There literally teacher at school who loved so dearly (English teacher she left year 10) and don't even know why but randomly decided do internet stalkies because l've always wanted find her and thank her because gosh l love her.

Twitter Thread: Student Finds Life Changing Teacher On Twitter

The good teachers really make a difference.
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Teacher of The Year

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Science Teacher WIN

awesome at work class cute drawing school teacher tests - 4668179712
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Teacher of the Day: Professor Held a Single Mom's Child Through Class, Didn't Mind

Single mom had to bring her child to class and the professor held him
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She Recently Replaced Helena Handbasket

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Compression WIN

math response student teacher - 5256542464
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design neat teacher Video - 68482049

Thousands of Tea Bags Make a Portrait of a Dude... Making Tea

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