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Listen to This Teacher's Melodic-Plea For a Snow Day as a 'Hello' Parody

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Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation

teacher school prank Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation
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A Brand New Fourth Grade Teacher Welcomed His Kids Back to School with a Music Video Because That's What Kids Today Will Pay Attention To

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Now That's A Wall of Text

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Middle School Science Teacher Finishes Students Doodles

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Counting On The Force

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Science Teacher WIN

awesome at work class cute drawing school teacher tests - 4668179712
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Music school singing teacher restoring faith in humanity week cancer Video win - 276743

An Entire Nashville High School Drove to the Home of Their Teacher to Sing Him Some Ecouragement While He Battles Cancer

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Professor's Response WIN

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You Can Get Your Grade Changed, but Do You Want to Fill Out the Paperwork?

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Grammar Stickler Comeback WIN

answer grammar response school teacher test - 5220134144
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Compression WIN

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Teacher Response WIN

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Teacher's Response WIN

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