This Third Grader Has No Time For The Boy Who Cried Wolf or Your Bullshit

win picture third grader wolf report
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Science Teacher WIN

awesome at work class cute drawing school teacher tests - 4668179712
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Middle School Science Teacher Finishes Students Doodles

drawing teacher science funny - 8413786368
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Essentially Every Substitute Teacher's Story Ever

Essentially Every Substitute Teacher's Story Ever
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Video random act of kindness teacher restoring faith in humanity week g rated win - 58789121

This Tough-Guy Teacher Has a Soft Spot That You'll Never Believe

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design neat teacher Video - 68482049

Thousands of Tea Bags Make a Portrait of a Dude... Making Tea

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Teacher of The Year

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You Can Get Your Grade Changed, but Do You Want to Fill Out the Paperwork?

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Teacher Butter

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alaska Brother Nature FTW teacher Video g rated win - 68120577

Nearly All of This Alaskan Town is Inside a Single Building. Here's What Life is Like There!

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Clever Cheating WIN

answers cheating clever kids quiz school teacher test - 5308479488
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Teacher of the Day: Professor Held a Single Mom's Child Through Class, Didn't Mind

Single mom had to bring her child to class and the professor held him
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Punishment WIN

cell phones class Music punishment school signs teacher - 4462555392
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teacher Spider-Man - 85630977

Science Teacher Dresses Up as Spider-Man to Get Teens to Finally Pay Attention to Him

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Grammar Stickler Comeback WIN

answer grammar response school teacher test - 5220134144
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Counting On The Force

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