science space Video whee - 42272769

Falling From 80,000 Feet WIN

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Moon Perspective WIN

beautiful moon naturally awesome perspective space - 4606102272
Created by Páll
ISS science Video space earth - 178439

The International Space Station Time Lapse Video Captures Lightening Strikes From Space

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toys science Video space win - 78263041

A Spinning Gyroscope in Zero Gravity is Mesmerizing

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Blue Marble 2012 WIN

art earth nasa photography space - 5745804032
Created by exalthim ( Via NASA )

Eclipse WIN

art beautiful eclipse space - 4333255936
Created by Unknown
epic photoshop battle of cat in glass backpack

Cat in a Backpack Goes to Space Thanks to These Photoshop Battle Wizards

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Earth from Space WIN

earth Photo space space is rad space shuttle - 4942274560
Created by Suke-Kun
astronaut science space Video - 136455

This is What It Takes to Get Ready to Walk in Space

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time lapse science Video space win - 73208065

Enjoy an Astronomer's Beautiful Time Lapse of the Southern Skies Above La Silla

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nasa science Video space - 77618689

Sit Back and Let the Cascading Magnetic Arches on the Sun Be Your Moment of Zen for the Day

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jump felix baumgartner space g rated win - 55498241

A New Perspective of the Day: POV Footage of Felix Baumgartner's Legendary Stratos Jump in Full-Length!

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Mother Nature FTW: The Northern Lights

mother nature ftw space space is rad - 4846514432
Created by sixonefive72

This is How an Astronaut Takes a Selfie

selfie astronaut space g rated win - 8386396160
Via Laughing Squid

LEGO Curiosity Rover!

awesome lego science space - 7990738176
Created by Unknown

Completely Relevant News: Tatooine?!

completely relevant news discovery nasa nerdgasm space star wars - 5206809600
Via New York Times
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