Soccer. Not to be mistaken with football or any other random ball sports. A gentleman's sport full of goals dips dives cries and whistles. If you dream to bend it like Beckham, then get a laugh at these hilarious soccer jokes and puns.

Finally, a Goal Even Americans Can Score

urinal bathroom soccer g rated win - 8225801216
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Sports Fans WIN

sports soccer astronaut fans - 7048106240
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design soccer DIY Video slingshot - 62397697

Can We Get a World Cup Using Only These Ball-Chucking Slingshots?

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world cup soccer flipbook Video - 62565121

The Best Goals of the World Cup on a Flipbook

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This is How the Brazilian Soccer Team is Going to Roll into the 2014 World Cup

brazil Street Art hacked irl soccer world cup - 8202984960
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goalie machine robot soccer sports Video - 25009409

Robot Goalie WIN

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The Unexpected Works!

sports soccer BAMF - 8176079360
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brazil sports world cup soccer football Video g rated win - 61784833

If You Want to Understand What's Happening at the World Cup Right Now, Listen to the Sounds of This Neighborhood When Brazil Scores

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Russian Sport WIN

guitar Music russia soccer sports weird wtf - 4825791488
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The Recipe For #Henrying, The Other-Football's Newest Photo Fad

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celebration oh Japan police riot soccer Video - 31100673

Polite Celebrating WIN

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