tesla coil science lightning Video Hall of Fame best of week - 44145921

Tesla Battle WIN

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physics star wars Death Star science Video - 77219073

If You Wanted to, Say, Blow Up a Whole Planet, How Much Power Would You Need?

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Tattoo WIN

academics art philosophy school science smart tattoo - 5252567040
By maxystone
mind control Quadrocopter science funny Video - 51056129

Quadrocopters Can Now Be Controlled With Your Mind, Prepare Yourselves!

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heartwarming medicine science Video bionic - 69002241

This Bionic Arm Is Pretty Great

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experiment fire Music pretty colors science Video - 30692609

Pyro Board WIN

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christmas robots science Video - 76988161

Are You Ready For a World Where Santa's Sleigh is Pulled By Robo-Reindeer?

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robot ball science Video - 45147649

Ball-Catching Bot WIN

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slow motion mirror hammer science Video win - 82301953

Screw the Bad Luck, Watching This Slow-Mo of a Hammer Breaking a Mirror Was Worth It

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farts science - 84936193

Here's Why You Like the Smell of Your Own Disgusting Farts, You Gross Weirdo. Seriously, See a Doctor

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list science astronaut space - 741637

This Is What Astronaut Scott Kelly Did While Orbiting the Earth for an Entire Year

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ISS science Video space earth - 178439

The International Space Station Time Lapse Video Captures Lightening Strikes From Space

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Ferrofluid Lamps > Lava Lamps

Via Colossal

Frozen Balloons WIN

Balloons science frozen - 7117238272
Via Reddit
summer water pool science Video win - 82047233

If You Jumped into a Pool Full of 25 Million Orbeez Would You Sink or Float?

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explosion fire science Video - 44146177

Lighting a Bonfire WIN

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