robot DIY science Video - 49804801

This Robot is Perfect for Swiping From Vending Machines

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Steampunk R2 WIN

craft model old school r2-d2 robot sculpture star wars Steampunk - 5209870592
Via Dudecraft
automatic bed chores clever design robot Video - 38673665

Automatic Bed WIN

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Begging Robot WIN

art clever homeless sign robot - 4556668928
Created by geha714
geek design robot Japan - 45153537

Shut Up and Take My Money WIN

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This Cute Little Robot Companion's the Real Life Version of WALL-E

Via Anki
robot science Video walk - 41030401

Robo-Swag WIN

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sports golf robot funny Video win - 51810049

A Sass-Talking Robot Tees Off Against Rory Mcllroy

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This Bender Furnace Wants You to Bite His Shiny Metal... You Know

bender robot nerdgasm futurama g rated win - 7296258560
Via Obvious Winner
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