Hacked IRL: Perspective-Bot

graffiti hacked irl illusion perspective robot Street Art - 6566385408
Created by Unknown
robot robots rock paper scissors science Video - 39281921

Rock Paper Scissors Robot WIN

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Lego Robo WIN

giant lego mall nerdgasm robot toy - 5073324288
Created by Unknown
arm engineering robot science Video - 40712449

Robo-Arm WIN

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Bender Bench WIN

bender carving futurama hacked hidden nerdgasm pop culture robot sculpture - 5185935872
Via reddit
jumping robot science Video - 36075521

Jumping Robot WIN

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robot science Video - 50841089

The Best Robot Ever Anticipates Your Moves, Grabs You a Beer

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Hacked IRL: Giant Box Man WIN

box giant hacked irl robot sculpture - 4963031296
Created by geha714
alarm clock clock DIY lego nerdgasm robot Video - 28233473

Lego Clock WIN

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R2-DTuna WIN

r2d2 star wars droid robot nerdgasm - 6792713984
Via Obvious Winner
clever dancing Hall of Fame music video oh Japan perspective robot Video - 28170497

Synchronized Robot Dancing WIN

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Begging Robot WIN

art clever homeless sign robot - 4556668928
Created by geha714

Villain Venn Diagram WIN

alien diagram graph horror monster robot venn diagram zombie - 5311824128
Via I Love Charts
design flying robot robotics science Video - 33178881

Robo-Copters WIN

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Zombie Robot WIN

brains computer design nerdgasm robot shirt technology zombie - 5420057600
Via Geeks are Sexy

Friendly Ring-Bearer WIN

right in the crotch ring robot wedding - 6214322944
Via Reddit
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