Gadget Pun WIN

apple food gadget ipad mac nerdgasm nerdy pi pun - 5166974208
By maxystone

News Pun WIN

news drugs marijuana pun pot - 6773233408
By Unknown

We All Do WIN

driving garbage literal pun - 6391197696
By Unknown

Spring is Here WIN

flowers g rated pun sign spring win word play - 5986889984
By Unknown

School Paper WIN

double entendre high school newspaper pun quote sports - 5259855616
By scr4life93

What's the Joke WIN

business food meat pun sign - 6479021568
By Unknown

Holy Ale WIN

alcohol beer drinking g rated monty python nerdgasm pun win - 5738788352

To Infinity WIN

car toy story cars license plate pun - 6660452352
Via Reddit


clowns pun sign - 5051025920
By Unknown

Now What do You Do?

pun lemons cereal - 7119622656
Via Reddit

Waste Disposal WIN

pun garbage - 6907302912
Via Reddit

Visual Pun WIN

bank clever money pun sperm - 5939734272
Via TimeAdvance

Wrap it Up WIN

contraception nuts protection pun - 5472626944
By Unknown

Headline WIN

headline news newspaper pun wait what - 5368984832
By Unknown

Cheating the Pie Contest WIN

pun pi pie math - 6796651264
Via Reddit

Pizza Shop WIN

math pizza pun sign - 6438186496
Via Reddit
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