License Plate WIN

car license plate nerdgasm pun star wars yoda - 5706355200
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costume school list pun tweet - 990213

This Clever Girl's Hilarious Interpretation of Her School's Spirit Day is the More American Than Election Drama

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car driving literal pun Video weird what - 39269889

Speaking the Truth WIN

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Fresh Eggs WIN

double entendre eggs food pun - 5797041152
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer nerdgasm pun - 6594934528
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Restaurant Name WIN

burgers business name pun restaurant sign - 6622401792
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Clarification WIN

advertising dancer job pun sexy times stripper - 5940355328
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Cage'd WIN

pun eggs nicolas cage prank - 6838235136
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Completely Relevant News: Not a Pun At All!

completely relevant news pun - 5106356224
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Sad Truth WIN

pun true facts wisdom word play - 6031422464
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Visual Pun WIN

bank clever money pun sperm - 5939734272
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School Paper WIN

double entendre high school newspaper pun quote sports - 5259855616
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clowns pun sign - 5051025920
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Literal WIN

literal pun sign toilet - 6218562304
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Get It? WIN

advertisement double entendre dude parts innuendo pun sale win - 6509099520
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The Feeling is Margarine-al

Street Art pun cute graffiti - 6978648576
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