Germany prank Video - 66289153

Prank of the Day: German Town Turns Neo-Nazi March Into Anti-Nazi Fundraiser

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chainsaw cute prank Video - 43436801

Texas Chainsaw Mass Hysteria WIN

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Guy live-tweets the funny video results of people's reactions to airpot power outlet prank.

Guy Live-Tweets Video Results of Cruel Power Outlet Prank on People at Airport

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The Shelf Can Be A Cruel, Cruel Place

christmas drinking alcohol elf on the shelf prank g rated win - 6901123584
By Unknown

Distraction of the Day: You Can Now Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Via Google
prank illusion Video Stupid Human Tricks g rated win - 49882625

A Quick Tutorial to Making Your Head Disappear

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Signs WIN

arrow prank recursion signs - 5797068800
Via The High Definite

These Are the Questions a Dartmouth Student Wanted to Run by Conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry

lgbtq prank politics g rated win - 8375570688
Via Uproxx
funny prank shampoo shower Video - 20818689

Shampoo Prank WIN

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prank funny Video snowman - 56498689

Holiday Terror: Beware the Snowman!

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Submarines in Milano: Making the Unreal on City Streets

advertising submarine prank funny g rated win - 7835094272
Via Colossal
movies Arnold Schwarzenegger prank Video - 72015617

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks People as the Terminator in a Wax Museum

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oh Japan prank Video - 41660673

Oh Japan WIN

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The Remote-Controlled Bladder Destabilizing Machine

gif halloween prank funny g rated win - 7865448448
By Unknown

Website That Lets You Send Anyone Edible ‘Bag of Dicks’ To Enjoy.

Epic win prank bag of dicks that are edible.
Via Dicks By Mail

Class Prank WIN

chair desk education nap prank school sleeping - 5493590528
By Unknown
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