Now Nobody Will Want to Poop!

toilet paper bathroom prank g rated win - 8422962432
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driving prank Video jo38ma3 - 77323265

Watch This Professional Driver Drift Through Stereotypes

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Office Troll Gets Trolled

decorations Office troll prank - 8565695232
Created by Removetoexposeadhesive

Mirror on Some Stairs? Instant Mind-Blow.

mirror mind blown prank funny - 7569459200
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Buckets WIN

gifs prank bucket - 6789565184
Created by Unknown

Watch This Ungrateful Son Who Just Loves Visual Puns Prank His Unsuspecting Mother

son pranks mom with leek in the sink
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There's a Site That Allows You to Anonymously Ship Your Enemies the Most Vile Substance Known to Man: Glitter

revenge prank Video g rated win - 8426952960
Via Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Paying in Origami WIN

cops money origami pig prank revenge ticket - 6592597760
Via Obvious Winner
improv everywhere prank Video Wait For It - 35280129

Beach Ball of Death WIN

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This is the Best Way to Aggravate Your Friends Via Word-Search

word search troll prank g rated win - 7056647936
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improv everywhere Lord of the Rings gandalf prank funny Video - 55494401

Improv Everywhere Knows a Wizard Always Shows Up on Time

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That Should Go Over Well in the Marine Corps

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But Are They Free Range?

eggs nicolas cage prank food g rated win - 8382335232
Created by pellius_2000

Found Him WIN

college hidden prank waldo when you see it - 5738288384
Via ShiftingBlue
invisible prank Video g rated win - 47640065

What Would You Do in This Invisible Object Prank?

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Nice Timing WIN

nice shot photography prank summer timing water balloon - 6453603840
Created by Unknown