Write-In WIN

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John Oliver Takes on Politicians and Their Anti-Refugee Policies

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Tony is Running Exclusively on a Pizza-Based Platform

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The Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida Just Banned Donald Trump From Entering the City Over Twitter

social media win mayor bans Donald Trump from florida city after Trump's remarks
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Hacked IRL: Fixed That For You

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You Know it's Important it is to Vote Because Celebrities Told You To

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That's Probably Why They Shortened it to 'Her'

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Uhura and the President WIN

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The Canadian City of Whitehorse Has a Different Way of Advertising City Hall Meetings

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This Captain's Frustrated Flight Announcement is the Equivalent of Your Dad Threatening To Pull the Car Around

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This Caller Actually Made C-SPAN All Hot and Steamy (and Then They Disconnected Him)

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This is a Candidate We Can Believe In

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Donald Trump seven horcuxes

Internet Strings Together an Alarmingly Plausible Theory about Donald Trump Having 7 Horcruxes

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Hacked IRL: Fishy Fishy NO MORE

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If You're Not a Trump Fan, You'll Enjoy 'The Honeymooners' Telling Him to STFU

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End Your Week With a Slow Jam From Jimmy Fallon and President Obama on His Legacy and the 2016 Election

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