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Here's Why Building a Border Wall Won't Actually Stop Immigration

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Politics WIN

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More Signs Need Zingers Like This

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Chalkboard Logic WIN

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This Is Why They Didn't Invite Stephen Colbert to Sing That Acapella "Fight Song" for Hillary Clinton

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Game Recognizes Game in the UK

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Write-In WIN

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That's Probably Why They Shortened it to 'Her'

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The Second Debate's Biggest Winner Was Kenneth Bone

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Donald Trump is Basically Just Your Weird, Drunk Neighbor

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Hillary Clinton Totally Nailed Watching the GOP Debates With a Single Gif

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Hacked IRL: Political Surveillance

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Marvel Artist Who Has a Burning Hatred for Donald Trump Made a Ridiculous Supervillain Inspired by the Guy

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Political Parody WIN

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Dalai Lama twitter donald trump interview Video win politics - 82682881

Listen to the Dalai Lama Give His Take on Donald Trump, ISIS, Twitter and Take a Selfie

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