Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Kayaking WIN

fall insane kayak photography water waterfall whee - 5125141504
Created by sixonefive72

This is What a Rocket Launch Looks Like From the ISS

ISS photography science space - 8043342848
Via Rick Mastracchio

Watcha Doin'?

fish funny photography scuba - 7902665216
Via Reddit

Austin's Own Statue of Liberty is Now the Herald of the Blood Moon

photography Perfect Timing - 8148701440
Via JT Pics

Castle WIN

castle clouds court lake photography - 5073378816
Created by Unknown

Sometimes Your best Wedding Photo is Taken By a Complete Stranger

win image stranger take beautiful Yosemite national park wedding sunset photograph
Via @mike.karas

This is a Martial Arts Movie in the Making

photography BAMF funny - 7864083456
Created by Unknown

Getting High at the Burj Khalifa

tower photography vertigo - 7153720576
Via Joe McNally

A Portal to Another World

photography perspective illusion - 8354347776
Via Acid Cow
Awesome Kid Alert engineering lego news photography science space Video - 33363969

Sending LEGO to Space WIN

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Wedding Photo WIN

kick martial arts Photo photography wedding - 5323536640
Created by Unknown

Photographs WIN

camera Inception perspective photography trick shot - 5101653760
Created by Rainbow_dash

Light the Way WIN

boat bridge castle Historical island light magical night photography - 5178342656
Created by Unknown
list old people photography marriage win love pop culture - 935429

After 57 Years of Marriage, This Couple Got a 'The Notebook' Inspired Photoshoot and It's Realer Than the Tears Already Welling-Up in Your Eyes

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Whale Shark Encounter WIN

nature photography - 7014762752
Via Thomas Peschak

Hop Over WIN

airplane art clever jump perspective photography - 5626276096
Created by Unknown

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