Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Light the Way WIN

boat bridge castle Historical island light magical night photography - 5178342656
Created by Unknown

Nice Timing WIN

beach mine photography seagull timing - 5850457088
Via jammasterdj

Exposure Time Trick WIN

design exposure time photography pretty colors - 6454033152
Created by Unknown

Surface Tension WIN

photography science - 6697628928
Created by Unknown

Saying Hi WIN

animals huge ocean photography whale - 5783558912
Created by Unknown

Composite One-Year Photo WIN

art composite Forest photography seasons time lapse trees - 5650229248
Via nunufar

Vader-ing Taken to a Next Level

timing photography beach funny - 7592306432
Created by Unknown
nature photography Damn Nature U Scary Video - 45853697

Fish Tornado WIN

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The Streets of London, Hauntingly Empty and Beautiful on Christmas Day

Brother Nature FTW photography London - 8415631616
Via Laughing Squid

Whale Shark Encounter WIN

nature photography - 7014762752
Via Thomas Peschak

The Trains in Budapest Get Decorated in Christmas Lights, Making for Nifty Time-Lapse Photography!

photography pretty colors exposure time - 8227110400
Via Krisztian Birinyi

The Arch WIN

fog morning photography urban - 5336333312
Via Bits and Pieces

A Beautiful Helicopter-Assisted Look at NYC From Above

Brother Nature FTW photography new york - 8425108992
Via Vincent Laforet

Jet Shadow WIN

airplane jet photography plane shadow silhouette - 5122318336
Created by Unknown

Spitting Fire WIN

photography fire BAMF - 6899146752
Created by Unknown

Cloud on Cloud Violence

clouds photography sharks perspective funny - 7602135808
Via Reddit