Watch the pencil... Poof! It's gone. Luckily you can just erase anything you don't like and mark the jokes you do. That's the beauty of a pencil.

Nobody Sneeze!

tower pencil school boredom - 8271588352
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Have a Seat, Pick a Color!

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animation clever music video pencil pretty colors stop motion Video - 29019393

Stop Motion Music Video WIN

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Pencil Art WIN

pencil art design carving - 7104295936
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Pencil Carving WIN

art barack obama carving design pencil potus - 6492353280
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Geometry WIN

art design geometry math pencil sculpture - 5869898752
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Pencil Drawing WIN

pencil drawing art design - 6678521088
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Self-Esteem Pencils WIN

pencil office supplies motivational - 6629358592
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Pencil Sharpener WIN

office supplies pencil unicorn - 6284578304
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3D Drawing WIN

pencil 3d drawing sketch illusion - 6898118144
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Note-Canceling Headphones

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3D Drawings WIN

3d art drawing illusion pencil photography sketch - 5424018176
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This Pencil Art Takes Takes the Hands of a Surgeon to Make

pencil art detail design - 7341363200
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This Pencil is More Fun to Sharpen Than to Use

gif pencil design funny - 7778820864
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Pencil Time WIN

pencil nerdgasm carving adventure time funny - 7432833792
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Swirly Spiral Pencil WIN

art design pencil supplies - 4945100544
By christellar
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