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Feat of the Day: Watch a Man Eat a 5-Pound Burrito in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Record of the Day: 120-pound Woman Eats 216 Ounces of Steak in Under 20 Minutes

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Here's What Aztec Warriors Used to Intimidate Their Foes Before Combat. Spoilers: It's Terrifying.

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This Window Cleaner Goes the Extra Mile

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Ice Cream Headaches Are No Problem for This Guy, Who Chugs Frozen Cocoa Like it Was Nothing

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Some People Were Just Born Champions

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Yes, That's a Spaghetti Sandwich.

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Going Outside is a Bit of a Challenge in Some Parts of the Country

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The Most White-Knuckle 15 Seconds of Footage You'll See This Week

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Three Fishermen Barely Escape Death When a Plane Buzzes by Their Boat

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Cotton Candy Fries: Because You Didn't Want to Live a Full Life Anyway

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After 30 Minutes of Dangling From a Plane, Watch This Skydiver Land With Only a Cut on His Hand

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Food of the Day: Japanese Fast Food Chain Selling KitKat Sandwich

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This Monk Might be Completely Indestructible

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Who Did a "Shift+Click" On That Small Burger?

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That Should Freak Out the Kids Just Fine

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