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The Bacon Weave Choco Taco Will Destroy You, and You'll Probably Love it

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"Dangerous" Doesn't Even Begin to Describe This

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The Most Extreme Place to Put an Amusement Ride? How About the 94th Floor of a Skyscraper?

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Korea is Taking the Double Down to the Next Level

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"Moreos" Aren't a Real Product Yet, but They Should Be

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This Window Cleaner Goes the Extra Mile

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The Insane Free Climbing Skills of Alex Honnold

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The Pizza Cake is Very Real and We Would Like Twelve of Them, Thanks

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Slacklining is All Well and Good, but Why do You Have to Bring Deadly Reptiles into it?

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Feat of the Day: Watch a Man Eat a 5-Pound Burrito in Less Than 2 Minutes

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God's Drinking Problem

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The Most White-Knuckle 15 Seconds of Footage You'll See This Week

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Three Fishermen Barely Escape Death When a Plane Buzzes by Their Boat

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Food of the Day: Japanese Fast Food Chain Selling KitKat Sandwich

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After 30 Minutes of Dangling From a Plane, Watch This Skydiver Land With Only a Cut on His Hand

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This Monk Might be Completely Indestructible

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