From Sand to Sea

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Squad Goals

science calls for squids to be squad
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Destination WIN

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backflip beach ocean Video - 18053889


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A funny Tumblr thread about how insane octopi are | tilthat TIL Marine biologists are claiming there is rare instance non-human warfare happening between octopuses waters off coast Australia octopuses are fighting large groups over territory and even using projectiles such as seashells spit at enemies. via pain-and-missouri Octopi are intense bransrath prefer octopedes celticpyro “Animals don't go war because they're cinnamon rolls unlike ebil humans uwu" Check-fucking-mate Linda,

Tumblr Thread: Octopuses Are Clever Brain Lords

Awesome and pretty terrifying.
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Seaside WIN

beach cliff ocean photography sunset town - 5107110656
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Sand Sculpture WIN

beach castle ocean sand sand castle sculpture - 5122227200
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It's so Cold in the Northeast That Waves Are Coming in as Slushies

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beach huge ocean sports storm surfing Video wave - 32319489

Crazy Surfing WIN

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Mother Nature FTW: Dive Bomb!

animals bird fishing mother nature ftw ocean - 5069226752
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Cats Hawaii win ocean surfing - 77329409

One-Eyed Surfer Cat Kuli Is Living the Dream Out in Hawaii

Plain and simple, Kuli the one-eyed rescue cat is living the life out in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kuli out for a nice paddle: Kuli bides his time swimming across Hawaii's warm bright blue waters with his human surfer friends. Kuli just trying to kick it for a cool minute: A photo posted by @kulithesurfingcat on Dec 22, 2015 at 1:54pm PST Kuli's owners, Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, tell the Daily Mail that Kuli's been a surfing beach bum for almost a year now. Gomez and Littleton adopted Kuli…
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animal boat imitation ocean Video whale - 26588929

Whale Imitation WIN

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Video ocean Japan win - 77055489

Rare Footage Of Giant Squid Near Boat Moorings In Japan

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ocean science lava - 72256001

Liquid Hot "Magma"

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Boat WIN

boat dolphin jet ocean product sailing - 5064146176
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Mother Nature FTW: Louisiana Sunset

mother nature ftw ocean sunset - 4945175552
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