Mother Nature FTW: Surf's Up!

huge mother nature ftw ocean surf wave - 5126597376
By Unknown

WINcation at a Lovely Reef

mother nature ftw ocean photography wincation - 6538248448
By Unknown

Photo of the Day: Ocean Wave Looks Like Man's Face

ocean Photo - 8042350848
Via Simon Emmett
jet ski water ocean shark Video - 82210561

Imagine Jet Skiing Around and Then Noticing This Huge Tiger Shark Just Casually Below You

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From Sand to Sea

Via BillandTedd

Wall Art WIN

art beach mural ocean painting Street Art wall art wave - 5267101440
By Unknown

Seaside WIN

beach cliff ocean photography sunset town - 5107110656
By Unknown
mother nature ftw whale ocean boat Video win - 82321665

Watch a Curious Humpback Whale Get Up Close and Personal With a Tour Boat

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Quick Hide Me

seal jumps on surf board
Via animal-factbook
jump ocean close call Video win daredevil - 82837761

Hold Your Breath While Watching This Jumping Daredevil's Close Call

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diving phone ocean Video - 71360257

A Diver Accidentally Drops His Phone Into the Ocean and Records the Whole Recovery!

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attack ocean shark Video - 82510849

Watch the Exact Moment a Diver Gets Attacked By a Great White Shark And Lives to Upload it

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ocean sharks Video win jumping - 246279

If You Didn't Think Sharks Could Be Badass Without Biting Anyone, Watch This One

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boat catch frisbee nice catch ocean trick trick shot Video - 29865985

Frisbee Catch WIN

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CLASSIC: Meeting a Whale WIN

ocean photography scuba diving whale - 6514704896
By Unknown
animals dolphin ocean trick vacation Video - 76242433

Watch This Playful Video of a Dolphin and a Man and Try Not to Smile

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