This Letter to the Editor is a Huuuuuge Success of Parodying Donald Trumps Speaking-Style

funny political image clever letter to the editor parodies Donald Trump's speaking style
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Completely Relevant News: Bill Murray is a BOSS

bill murray completely relevant news Like a Boss newspaper - 4888963840
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You'll Cheer for This Newspaper's Response to Discrimination

advertisement BAMF newspaper win - 7027425024
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Bucket List WIN

bucket list celeb creepy interview Man On The Street newspaper - 5464517632
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Some Wisdom from the Anonymous Letter Section

anonymous newspaper wisdom - 7960723456
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Priorities WIN

priorities newspaper - 6973069312
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I Can Count To Potato, Young Man

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This Obituary Was Perfectly Executed For a Great Computer Programmer

funny obituary computer programmer wrote pun filled obituary
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A Word from Your Local Dog

dogs funny newspaper - 7672880128
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How Did This Sneak Into the Paper?

headline memes IRL newspaper - 7039549696
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New York Times Correction WIN

correction memes IRL mistake my little pony newspaper - 5653956352
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Editorial Retort WIN

news newspaper women amiright womens rights - 4471201024
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Completely Relevant News: R2D2 Has Your Back

completely relevant news newspaper r2d2 rescue star wars - 4903184128
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False, Bacon Beats Everything

rock paper scissors funny bacon newspaper - 7498374144
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Getting Old Stinks WIN

aging honesty newspaper old people rock quote retirement true fact g rated win - 5473123840
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Tell it Like it is, Joey

sports wisdom true facts newspaper - 8350102528
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