A Word from Your Local Dog

dogs funny newspaper - 7672880128
Created by Unknown

Ad Placement WIN

ad placement advertisement newspaper - 5019846144
Created by GrinningRat

Wise Investments WIN

quote business newspaper - 6767261440
Created by Unknown

She's Still a Step Behind

psychic crime arrest funny win newspaper - 8795055104
Via StopHatingHater

Just Imagine the Number of Angry Nerd Letters...

star wars correction newspaper g rated win - 8378056704
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Priorities WIN

priorities newspaper - 6973069312
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How Did This Sneak Into the Paper?

headline memes IRL newspaper - 7039549696
Via Daniel Sircar

"Look Out Pulitzer, Here I Come!"

headline puns newspaper - 8319506432
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Drunk Sailor WIN

clever letters news newspaper - 4319293952
Created by Unknown

Completely Relevant News: Can We Get the Poll Numbers on That?

completely relevant news duh news newspaper survey true facts win-g-rated - 5701896192
Created by Unknown

Correct Response WIN

correct drugs interview Man On The Street newspaper response - 5643622912
Created by disturbedguy1

New York Times Correction WIN

correction memes IRL mistake my little pony newspaper - 5653956352
Created by Unknown

Newspaper Ad WIN

advertisement Game of Thrones clever design newspaper g rated win - 7094504960
Created by Unknown

Malfunction WIN

advertisement cat computer error newspaper whoops - 6379365888
Created by Unknown

School Paper WIN

double entendre high school newspaper pun quote sports - 5259855616
Created by scr4life93

Canadian Crime Sprees

random act of kindness oh canada funny newspaper - 7649856512
Via Reddit
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