These Paints + UV Lights = Cool Body Paint!

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This Adorable Hatching Dinosaur Candle is So Cute You'll Be Happy To Watch it Hatch

cute dinosaur candle that hatches while you burn it
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Printing Graphics With Water, It's Way Cooler Than You Think

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stop motion saw design neat Video - 69749249

A Table Saw Puts Itself Together in This Cool Stop-Motion Video

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A Cube Within a Cube Within a Cube!

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Swedish Street Artist hugeart Lives Up to His Name

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Punched Holes Make for Punchy Animation

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Who Needs a Band When You Can Play All the Parts by Yourself?

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This Installation Will Make You Feel Like You're in a Human-Sized Anthill

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Check Out the Insane Pre-Game Video Projection from a Toronto Maple Leafs Game

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A Wheel of Fence

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This Giant Mechanism Lays Down Train Tacks, and it's Weirdly Hypnotic to See in Motion

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Super-Massive Tree House WIN

architecture design neat tree tree house - 5879485440
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Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, for it Tolls for the Imperial Army

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The Table Teetering on the Edge

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Roll Up These Towels Properly and They Make Little Sushi Rolls!

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