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With Robotic Cameras, This Photographer is Able to Make the Most Detailed Portraits You've Ever Seen

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Water Fountain WIN

boat cool deisgn neat - 4987172608
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Star Wars Has Samurai Movie Roots, and This Guy Got a Tattoo to Show it All Off

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neat dance Video g rated win - 60958465

This Dance Crew Uses a Video Projection to Take Things to the Next Level

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Zeus Descends Upon These Feeble Mortal Lockers

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Origami WIN

money neat origami poll - 4599400192
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backwards neat Travel Video - 70889217

A Trippy, Reverse-Engineered Walk Through Shanghai

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School Confidence WIN

college good advice neat nice school signs - 4394432768
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Bacterial Patterns WIN

bacteria neat science is rad - 4915140608
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This Adorable Hatching Dinosaur Candle is So Cute You'll Be Happy To Watch it Hatch

cute dinosaur candle that hatches while you burn it
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Aryz Doesn't Know What a Small Piece of Street Art Would Look Like

design Street Art hacked irl neat - 8140765184
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This House in Tehran Can Change its Configurations for the Weather

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logo drawing neat Video - 70859009

This Master of the Pen Hand-Draws a Bunch of Classic Logos

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star wars neat nerdgasm Video g rated win - 70004225

Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, for it Tolls for the Imperial Army

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Jordan Mang-osan Makes Landscapes Using Just a Magnifying Glass and the Sun

art design neat - 8342819584
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neat photography time lapse Video - 41579009

Twelve-Year Photo Project WIN

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