This Genius Invention Makes Bath-Time Reading Easy!

reading clever invention DIY - 7421608704
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door Music TV invention seinfeld Theme Song Video win - 76154113

Make Your Life a Show About Nothing, With This Simple 'Seinfeld' Door Sensor

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invention money Video - 66952193

The Only Gun That Will Help You Make it Rain at the Club

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engineering invention ketchup science Video - 38158337

Fixing the Ketchup Bottle WIN

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design invention ketchup Video g rated win - 60378113

These High School Students Made a Solution to the Ketchup Problem of Our Time

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Trees Got Nothing on You Now!

climbing gifs invention - 8220698624
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Sodapop Fountain WIN

awesome product drinking invention soda - 4598510592
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The Perfect Napping Commute Tool

nap invention handy - 7075100672
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invention modification Video - 26977793

Useless Invention WIN

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hoverboard technology invention Video win flying - 79414273

If You Want a Hoverboard Experience, You're Going to Have to Strap a Jet Turbine Engine Attached To Your Feet

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invention Video win food - 269319

Picking Delicious Blueberries Just Got a Hell of a Lot Easier Thanks to This thing

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recycle invention food bbq Video win there I fixed it - 259079

Recycling Office Furniture Has Never Made Your Mouth Water Like This Before

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A Man Built Himself a Harry Potter-Style Cupboard to Avoid Paying San Francisco Housing Rates

inventions housing pods A Man Built Himself a Harry Potter-Style Cupboard to Avoid Paying San Francisco Housing Rates
Via Peter Berkowitz
ocean invention Video win - 79809537

This Summer Turn Yourself Into an Underwater Ninja With This Mask

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invention winter skiing Video win iphone - 78073345

This Dizzying Alternative to a Selfie Stick is Way More Stressful For the Safety of Your iPhone

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marbles invention mountains maze Video win - 79214081

Marble Mountain's Main Adventure is Finding the Coolest Path Down

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