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Shut Up and Take My Money of the Day: The Airbag for Cyclists

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invention money Video - 66952193

The Only Gun That Will Help You Make it Rain at the Club

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It's Like Walking But Better!

fast standing walking bicycle
Via Mike (from Spain)

Zombie Defense WIN

awesome product invention weapons zombie - 4492863488
By SR1977
ocean invention Video win - 79809537

This Summer Turn Yourself Into an Underwater Ninja With This Mask

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invention winter skiing Video win iphone - 78073345

This Dizzying Alternative to a Selfie Stick is Way More Stressful For the Safety of Your iPhone

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flight flying invention Video whee YT video - 35723265

Flying Like a Bird WIN

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Future WIN

future history invention sci fi sign time travel - 5153238016
By maxystone

Submarine Car WIN

car driving engineering gadget invention submarine Tech - 6287749888
Via Flavorwire
door Music TV invention seinfeld Theme Song Video win - 76154113

Make Your Life a Show About Nothing, With This Simple 'Seinfeld' Door Sensor

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Use the Element of Surprise in This Modified Game of Battleship

win study hack teacher turned battleship into studious game with periodic table
Via teachbesideme
drones win invention Video weapons - 75042049

With This Drone-Neutralizing Gun, How Long Until Drone Hunting Season Opens?

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spiders invention Video win - 210439

Whoever Invented This Spider Catcher Needs a Noble Peace Prize ASAP

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The Perfect Napping Commute Tool

nap invention handy - 7075100672
Via Neatorama
chainsaw invention drones Video - 79218177

This Insanely Dangerous Drone is One Way to Welcome the Darwin Awards into 2016

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crazy flight helicopter invention Video - 40760321

Personal Helicopter WIN

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