alarm invention sleeping Video win - 75799809

Don't Snooze On This Alarm Clock, It Will Slap You Awake

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fishing ocean invention drones Video - 79814657

Two Bros Rigged a Drone to Go Fishing For Tuna and it's Beutiful

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invention money Video - 66952193

The Only Gun That Will Help You Make it Rain at the Club

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This Genius Invention Makes Bath-Time Reading Easy!

reading clever invention DIY - 7421608704
Via Reddit

Use the Element of Surprise in This Modified Game of Battleship

win study hack teacher turned battleship into studious game with periodic table
Via teachbesideme
flight flying invention Video whee YT video - 35723265

Flying Like a Bird WIN

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It's Like Walking But Better!

fast standing walking bicycle
Via Mike (from Spain)
hoverboard technology invention Video win flying - 79414273

If You Want a Hoverboard Experience, You're Going to Have to Strap a Jet Turbine Engine Attached To Your Feet

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Water Dispenser WIN

clever design dogs hose invention pets water - 5972971008
By Unknown
chainsaw invention drones Video - 79218177

This Insanely Dangerous Drone is One Way to Welcome the Darwin Awards into 2016

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chairs robots Office invention Video - 78206465

Are We So Lazy We Need 'Self-Parking' Chairs or are We Just Preparing For Our Robot Overlords?

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invention Video flamethrower win - 79541249

Turn a Regular Pressure Washer into a Flamethrower? HECK YES!

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engineering invention ketchup science Video - 38158337

Fixing the Ketchup Bottle WIN

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spiders invention Video win - 210439

Whoever Invented This Spider Catcher Needs a Noble Peace Prize ASAP

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Submarine Car WIN

car driving engineering gadget invention submarine Tech - 6287749888
Via Flavorwire

Future WIN

future history invention sci fi sign time travel - 5153238016
By maxystone
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