Shopping WIN

bananas food fruit grocery store shopping - 5001304576
Created by Unknown

What is This Fruit-Based Sorcery?

banana illusion fruit - 8096769280
Via Laughing Squid

Anti-Sign WIN

authority fruit orange rebel sign warning - 5439801856
Created by Unknown

Banana Art WIN

art banana design cute fruit - 6843585792
Via Neatorama

Broccoli MRI WIN

vegetable fruit science categoryimage - 6640827648
Created by Unknown
lovecraft watermelon carving cthulhu Video fruit g rated win - 70516481

Making a Watermelon of Cosmically Terrifying Proportions

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fruit design sculpture - 203525

Fete du Citron is the Celebration of Oranges You Didn't Even Know You Needed

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apple Video fruit - 66341377

Forget All Those Gadgets and Computers, This is the REAL Apple Store

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Anything but Gran-Gran!

grandma literalism fruit - 8265393408
Via thejesskat

Mother Nature FTW: Frozen Cherries

frozen fruit mother nature ftw trees - 4905960960
Created by Jandosk8

The Best Banana Ever

banana free stuff funny fruit - 7797851392
Created by Unknown

Happy Orange WIN

accident fruit orange smiley face - 6091698176
Created by Unknown
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