A More Tropical Take on Halloween

halloween pineapple carving fruit - 8364451072
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Fruit Carving WIN

carving dinner food fruit noms picnic watermelon - 5178457344
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animals bird design fruit Owl vegetables - 6548177920
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People Are Dressing up and Slaying Produce With Flaming Swords Like Real Life Fruit Ninjas

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Urban Camouflage WIN

camouflage disguise fruit urban - 6596681728
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Summertime Calls for More Cool Watermelon Carvings!

watermelon carving fruit - 8211445760
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lemons fruit ninja Video fruit - 66342401

When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Berserk on Those Things

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carving food fruit sculpture Video watermelon yummy - 25861121

Fruit Carving WIN

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Apple Ukulele WIN

apple clever fruit guitar Music - 4922316288
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It's Never Safe to Go Back to the Produce Aisle

shark watermelon carving food fruit - 8291891456
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fruit Video weird watermelon g rated win - 70665473

Liquid Metal Poured into Watermelons: As Cool as it is Weird

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Apple Skull WIN

apple art creepy food fruit sculpture skull - 5269582336
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A Citrus-y Look at Japan

orange design map Japan fruit - 8426058752
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Watermelon Carving WIN

carving craft fruit mouth teeth watermelon - 5273952768
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eating educational food fruit g rated Video watermelon win YT video - 40843265

Eating a Watermelon WIN

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How do You Sell Peaches in China? Sex Appeal, of Course!

sexy times fruit underwear g rated win - 8274011648
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