Mother Nature FTW: Dive Bomb!

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The Only Things a Dude Needs in Life

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Thousands of People Fishing River At Same Time to Celebrate New Year Ends Up Being Beautiful Insanity

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With Encouragement From Her Dad To Keep Reeling, This Little Girl Gets a Huge Catch

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Listen to Snoop Dogg Give the Best Narration of Catching a Catfish

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Fishing With A Glock 9mm Handgun Underwater is Almost Literally 'Shooting Fish a Barrel'

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Spear Fishing WIN

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By sixonefive72
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Chris Pratt's Son Might Be the Most Adorable Fisherman Ever

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Maybe You Shouldn't Have Gone Fishing Then

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There's About Seven Sports Combined to Make This Ridiculous Game

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If This Sewer Footage Isn't Fake, It's the Best Thing of the Week

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One Brave Fisherman Casts a Big Eff You to Our Robot Overlords

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These Fisherman Never Expected to Find a Storm of Squid at Sea

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Catching Piranhas the Easy Way

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A Fisherman in Italy Reeled This Mutant 280-Pound Catfish in for 40 Minutes!=

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How Crazy Do You Have to Be to Fish With Your Own Hair?

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