There's About Seven Sports Combined to Make This Ridiculous Game

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The One That Got Away WIN

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If This Sewer Footage Isn't Fake, It's the Best Thing of the Week

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Mother Nature FTW: Nice Catch!

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Fishing With Fireworks is Just Extreme, but What About Fireworks?

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Going Fishing WIN

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No Really, the Fish Was THIS BIG. Also, it Was an 820-Pound Shark.

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Gold Fish WIN

Damn Nature U Scary fish fishing huge nature - 5050992896
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Maybe You Shouldn't Have Gone Fishing Then

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When You Fish in the Splash Zone, You Gotta Be Ready

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Fishing With A Glock 9mm Handgun Underwater is Almost Literally 'Shooting Fish a Barrel'

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Manly Catch WIN

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Thanks to This Modern Farmer, Fish Need to Worry About Drone Strikes Too

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Good Samaritans Help Free a Baby Seal From a Fishing Net

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A Fisherman in Italy Reeled This Mutant 280-Pound Catfish in for 40 Minutes!=


Big Catch WIN

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