Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

Pyro Candle WIN

fire nerdgasm TF2 video games - 4509202432
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fire drums Video g rated win - 59708673

The Drums of Fire

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fire Video only in russia g rated win - 58768897

No Worries, Just a Russian On Fire Diving into a Snowbank. For Fun.

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nokia fire Video - 73863937

You Could Take a Nokia to Hell and Still Phone Home

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fire tornado Video - 39454465

Tornado of FIRE WIN

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Carnival Fire WIN

art epic fire poll - 4541963264
By Unknown
fire Video volcano - 42139649

TDW Geek: Extremely Hot And Incredibly Close WIN

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He's Full of Helium, He Has Reason to Be Concerned

Balloons fire fireball Perfect Timing - 8248897024
Via Acid Cow

Plane Drops Water Bomb on Fire

gifs planes water fire funny win - 7592695808
By Unknown

Weather of the Day: South Carolina Was Treated to a Rare and Beautiful Fire Rainbow

fire rainbow - 8554484736
Via 14news
If its just a regular rainbow, the people of Isle of Palms in South Carolina aren't interested anymore. They were treated to the rare meteorological spectacle known as a 'fire rainbow' Aug. 17 and nothing will ever be the same. Look at this thing: The local news station explained the phenomenon : According to Meteorologist Justin Lock, a strict set of conditions are required for fire rainbows to appear. First, they only occur in high-level cirrus clouds made up of tiny ice crystals. "To produceā€¦

We Don't Mess Around With Yard Games Over Here

fire - 8177664512
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fire life hacks food Video - 78741761

Life Hack to Reseal a Plastic Bag So Your Doritos Don't Get Stale

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fire whee base jumping dangerous Video - 59191297

Flaming Base Jump Off a Mountain? Flaming Base Jump Off a Mountain.

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fire cartoons - 84814337

This Dude Installed a Flame Thrower in His Car When the Heat Broke, Is The Best

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When an Oregon Couple Had to Leave Their Reception Grounds Due to a Forest Fire, They Decided to Take the Coolest Wedding Pictures Ever

fire wedding BAMF g rated win - 8219426560
Via Josh Newton

Trombone WIN

fire gifs Music overkill trombone - 4841183232
By Unknown
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