Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

It's Elvish!

Lord of the Rings fire nerdgasm DIY - 8363307008
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russia bad idea fire stunt whee Video g rated win - 68659713

A Flaming Stuntman Takes a Dive into a Snowbank in (You Guessed it) Russia

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fire tornado Video - 39454465

Tornado of FIRE WIN

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fire fountain pretty colors Video - 35987457

Fire Fountain WIN

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An 84-Year-Old Metalworker Constructs Something the Empire Would be Proud of

star wars design fire nerdgasm Death Star g rated win - 8415631104
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BAMF-y Squirrel WIN

BAMF costume fire jump squirrel - 6108606464
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experiment fire Music pretty colors science Video - 30692609

Pyro Board WIN

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fire drums Video g rated win - 59708673

The Drums of Fire

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fire slow mo science match Video - 57812481

Watch This Dazzling Clip of a Match Being Lit in Super Slow-Mo

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game fire science jenga Video - 79354113

Thanks to Science, These Two Bros are Playing a Game of Giant Flamin' Jenga

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Death Makes a Visit to the Camp Site

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shut up and take my money fire Video - 67105281

Sad About Not Having a Mutant X Gene? Try These Wristbands That Shoot Fire.

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Hacked IRL: Stay Warm

fire graffiti hacked irl Heat Street Art - 5716814848
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bees fire Kill It With Fire news oh china Video - 40211201

Killing it With Fire WIN

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melting fire Video pyro - 82618369

Let Your Monday Stress Melt Away Watching These Things Burn in Beautiful High Def

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Canada jump fire Video - 72878337

Ontario Hosers Jump a Go-Cart Through a Roaring Bonfire and It Goes Way Better Than Expected

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