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Hacked IRL: Sometimes you Have to Add the Truth Yourself

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By anonymous
drive thru fast food illusion prank Video win YT video - 38897921

Cup Prank WIN

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If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest

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The Justice League Are Getting Their Own Line of Food at Hong Kong McDonald's

food fast food justice league - 8330520064
Via McDonald's

McDonald's Has New Straw That Actually Allows You To Taste Your Shamrock Shake

win mcdonalds shamrock shake straw
Via McDonald's

The Chicken Who Lived WIN

chicken escape fast food kfc survivor - 5981720832
By Richard Brown

Super Fighting Robot WIN

lego design McDonald's robot nerdgasm fast food - 6749365760
Via Laughing Squid
McDonald's billboard makes funny accidental weed joke.

McDonald's Billboard Makes Accidental Weed Joke

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Secret Fast Food Menu Items You Should Get Right Now

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A Burger and a King Got Married, and Now BK is Paying for the Whole Wedding

Via USA Today

Ready to Lift Some (Quarter-Pound) Weights

Via Cubicle Bot
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On Cheat Days We Are All This Guy Going HAM on His Fast Food

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Brick Food WIN

bricks cute design fast food food lego - 6325173248
By Unknown
McDonald's oh god why fast food Video - 70640641

McDonald's Has a "Build Your Own Burger" Station in Some Locations, so Let's Watch This Man Destroy it

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Truth in Marketing WIN

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Via Reddit

Hacked IRL: Shorthand Need Not Apply

fast food graffiti hacked irl McDonald's spelling - 5351634688
By Unknown