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Sorry For Your Loss WIN

fast food McDonald's restaurant rip sign sorry - 6276192000
By Unknown

Listen I Only go to Bed for the Fries

bed design french fries fast food - 8302080256
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Never Start a Beef With a Sign-Making Company. They Learned the Hard Way.

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drive thru fast food illusion prank Video win YT video - 38897921

Cup Prank WIN

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Super Fighting Robot WIN

lego design McDonald's robot nerdgasm fast food - 6749365760
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tweets of hilarious food jokes and puns

24 Hilarious Food Jokes That Will Make You Ask For More

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Hacked IRL: Shorthand Need Not Apply

fast food graffiti hacked irl McDonald's spelling - 5351634688
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A Burger and a King Got Married, and Now BK is Paying for the Whole Wedding

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Light Ad WIN

advertisement billboard clever fast food light McDonald's night - 5304644352
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Burger Slogan WIN

awesome at work clever fast food food slogan - 4402470656
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metal McDonald's what fast food Video g rated win - 67588609

Mac Sabbath is Probably the Only Fast Food-Themed Black Sabbath Cover Band. Maybe for Good Reason.

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McDonald's wedding fast food - 84642049

This Dude’s Bizarre McDonald’s-Themed Wedding Video Features Will Have His Bride-To-Be Thinking Twice

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Hacked IRL: Sometimes you Have to Add the Truth Yourself

billboard diabeetus fast food hacked irl ice cream junk food sign - 5331017216
By anonymous

Hardee's Restaurant Took on Wendy's, Got Hilariously Slayed In Twitter Battle

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Coffee Wars WIN

clever coffee fast food response sign work - 6349299968
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