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Life Goals: Polish Grandparents Party at a London Nightclub Until 5 A.M.

failbook facebook Party - 8797921536
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A True Survivor

failbook facebook - 8802411776
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trolling a scammer online

Facebook Scammer Threatens Dude's Life After Getting Trolled HARD With Adele Lyrics

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Aventures in Nausea

failbook facebook video games zelda - 8798528000
Created by Banjax57
bananas failbook facebook - 901893

The 'Banana Bunker' Continues to Be the Greatest Item on Groupon and Facebook Agrees

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What Happened to Facebook?

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Video Stupid Human Tricks world record failbook g rated win - 60317953

This Kid Won't be Satisfied With His Whistling Until Only Dogs Can Hear Him

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customer service failbook facebook troll rip win - 890117

This Dude's Facebook Complaint to Tesco Is the Best Thing on the Internet

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Epic Win? Or Epic-est Win?

queen bohemian rhapsody lyrics funny failbook g rated - 6761660928
Created by Unknown

To Protect and Serve up a Serious Grammar Burn

military failbook grammar burn
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sports construction soccer Video failbook g rated - 67995649

Bored on the Construction Site? How About Soccer?

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Creating a Mythos WIN

drama dramatic failbook spider super hero - 6372673536
Created by Unknown
BAMF parkour workout Video failbook g rated - 62648833

Gyms? The World is Your Gym!

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random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week Video surgery failbook g rated - 62238465

The Reaction of This Girl After Her Cleft Palate Surgery is Absolutely Priceless

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Way More Rich in Potassium Than an Apple Phone

banana design phone funny failbook g rated - 7724901632
Via Reddit

If You Need the Wifi, You Know What to Do

clever password wifi prank failbook g rated - 8394185216
Via HiImJayC
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