How To Crowd Source An Idea When You're an Independent Person

funny facebook status crowd sourcing yourself
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Someone Needs to Clear Up Trump's Hat

Someone Needs to Clear Up Trump's Hat
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The Newest Crossfit Move is the 'Taking Back the Armrest' and This Guy is a Champ At It

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These Grandparents Are the Paradigm of Relationship Goals and Need Your Help

facebook love grandparents dating - 8971975680
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After Being Hambushed, This Old Lady Wasn't Going to Let the Attacker Pigpocket Her

funny facebook image old lady beats off thief with bacon
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This Random Act of Kindness at a Denny's was Genuinely Heartwarming

win facebook image man pays for families at dennys after losing his own
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This Mom's Insane Half-Court Shot Means Her Daughter Will Only Pay Half-Tuition at College

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Two Sherlocks Don't Make a Right

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Broken Condomicon

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Artist over shares on facebook for the whole world to see

Man Shares Public Facebook Account With the World, All Hell Breaks Loose

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Music adele cover facebook Video - 161799

The Most Talented Cover of Adele's Hello You'll See This Year

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relaxing florida facebook Video animals - 178183

Relaxation is a Manatee Cuddle Party

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One Woman's Response to a Saleswoman's Accidental Insult of Her Engagement Ring is Something We Should All Take to Heart

heartwarming dating image woman responds to saleswoman's insult of her engagement ring is amazing
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A 'Donuts With Dad' School Morning Didn't Stop This Single Mom From Making Her Kid Feel Included

win single mother dresses up for son's donuts with dad school breakfast
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No One is As Ready For Black Friday Sales As This Guy

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Curious Hawk Gets Up Close and Personal With a Weather Camera

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