Mom of the Year Writes Permission Slip to Let Her Kids be Kids

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Via Julie Walsh Holcombe

Have You Done Your Good Deed for the Day?

random act of kindness facebook restoring faith in humanity week funny - 7703700992
Created by Simon
customer service list facebook food win - 945669

Finding a Worm in a Salad Quickly Escalated into a Customer Service Story of Excellence

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facebook post and comments making puns about alcohol and bed sheets

10 Facebook Puns Guaranteed To Make You Chuckle

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Two Sherlocks Don't Make a Right

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Created by jc2581

This Random Act of Kindness at a Denny's was Genuinely Heartwarming

win facebook image man pays for families at dennys after losing his own
Via lovewhatreallymatters

Layovers Can Make Traveling Annoying, But Having to Wait 47-Years Between Flights Got the Attention of the Best Customer Service Rep You Could Have Asked For

win travel booked with 47 year layover got the response of the best Skyscanner customer service rep
Via James Lloyd‎ & SkyScanner
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The 'Banana Bunker' Continues to Be the Greatest Item on Groupon and Facebook Agrees

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New York Millennials tell you everything you need to know about millenials and about new york

Facebook of The Day: 'Millennials of New York' Perfectly Nails The Spirit of That Generation

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Facebook Picture WIN

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Created by joster285

Life Goals: Polish Grandparents Party at a London Nightclub Until 5 A.M.

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Via Jacob Husley
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Curious Hawk Gets Up Close and Personal With a Weather Camera

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Music song facebook social media win - 85149441

Someone Created Surprisingly Catchy Song Out of Nothing But Facebook Comments

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One Woman's Viral Customer Service Story is a Reminder That We Are All Human

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Witty Memes & Images For Humor Addicts

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Mike from McDonald's Is Blowing Up on Facebook With His Public Service Announcement About Fast Food Employees Getting a Bad Rep

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Via Mike Waite
Fed up with customers and colleagues giving him grief over his "dead end" job, Mike Waite went on Facebook to drop a public announcement that has caught the attention of the entire internet. Mike, who works over 50 hours a week, is sick and tired of people claiming he has no aspirations. Well, the 20-year-old has been heard and hopefully his touching Facebook rant will change the way you look at the person behind the counter next time you order a McFlurry.
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