Someone Give These Parents a Medal for Creativity

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But Do They Move in Herds?

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Dinovember Is Over but At Least We Have These Weird, Feathered Dinosaur Illustrations to Show for It

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Your Life May be Good, But is There a Dinosaur Named After You?

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Usually Someone with Such a Big Head and Tiny Arms Doesn't Get Voted Homecoming Queen

funny school image colorado girl wins homecoming queen in inflatable t rex dinosaur suit
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Collect Call to the Triassic Please?

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Funny Chiropractors Aren't Extinct

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Extinct Illiteracy

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Coffee Mug WIN

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Dino Cat Says Chill

cat shaved like dinosaur
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TASSO Makes Some Prehistoric Street Art

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Discovery of the Day: Fossilized Bones of Largest Known Dinosaur Discovered in Argentina

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T. Rex Engagement Photos Just Rewrote the Book and Set a New Game for Wedding Goals Proving Love Isn't Extinct

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This Commute Just Got Interesting

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Balloon Animal WIN

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Way Better Than a Gnome or a Flamingo

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