Some People Really Love "Jurassic Park," Some People Have Good Sense

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This Raptor Tricycle Probably Needs Feathers, but We'll Let it Slide

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TASSO Makes Some Prehistoric Street Art

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God's Drinking Problem

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Because You've Been Missing a 3D-Printed T-Rex Skull Shower Head in Your Life

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Consider Me an Acolyte!

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Getting Bored at the Store Again?

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The Sweatshirt Beast Becomes Aggravated

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A Prank 65 Million Years in the Making

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It's a Sheer Shock Nobody Had a Heart Attack During This Parking Lot Prank

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Paris Gets a Shiny Life-Sized T-Rex Skeleton, Making it Cooler than ALL CITIES

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T. Rex Flailing About While Hilariously Failing to Do Parkour Is All Kinds of Cuteness

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Someone Give These Parents a Medal for Creativity

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Not Sure a Dinosaur Shoveling Snow Was Anything Paleontologists Imagined

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Summer Block Buster

jurassic world dancing dinosaurs
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