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Meet Lexi, the 19-Year-Old "Protector" of Cops

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Somebody Isn't Reaching Quota Today

cops sign prank police - 8205166592
Via Acid Cow
hero cops Video win - 61740801

Hero of the Day: Off-Duty Cop Saves a Man's Life After a Gas Station Crash

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"Animal Instincts" Win the Day Again

cops completely relevant news news clever - 7220630016
Created by InnerFlame ( Via Yahoo )

Sick Jump, Citizen

cops skateboarding gifs - 8265388288
Via Marmoe
cops scifi wizard Video - 76071681

Wizard Cops is the Best, Weirdest Video I've Watched All Day

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Routine Traffic Check WIN

batman cops driving police super heroes traffic - 6014695168
Via Reddit

A Danish Cop Gets Down at a Local Music Festival

cops random act of kindness Music - 8083913984
Created by Unknown

Photo Op WIN

cops graffiti photo op police - 6533002240
Created by Unknown
cops australia Video - 75369985

Witness an Australian Cop Breaking Up a Rap Battle With a Lyrical Bomb

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