Cops take selfie with drunk guy who is passed out so he knows how he got home.

Awesome Cops Take Selfie With Drunk Passed Out Dude So He Knows How He Got Home

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cops sports on the job kids football Video win - 75834625

A Couple of Minneapolis Cops Stopped to Play a Pick Up Game of Football With Kids

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Hacked IRL: Excuse WIN

billboards cops excuses hacked irl poop signs - 4708568320
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Routine Traffic Check WIN

batman cops driving police super heroes traffic - 6014695168
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"Animal Instincts" Win the Day Again

cops completely relevant news news clever - 7220630016
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cops Video random act of kindness prank - 59816449

You Would be Happy to be Pulled Over by This Cop

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This is How They Get You!

cars cops license plate - 7946939136
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cops guns happy Video - 75830529

Reality TV Caught What Might Be The Happiest Gunshot Victim

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Sound Guy WIN

cops editing not what it looks like sign weird work - 6206666752
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cops for sale police - 4175446784
Created by End User Support Team, Ryder
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