Need a Place to Crash on New Year's Eve?

police new years hotel
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cops Video Stupid Human Tricks - 64851713

You Won't Expect the Perfect Accents This Chinese Cop Can Pull Off

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cops ridiculous funny Video mouse - 86017281

Watch This Fearless Mouse Send a Scared Cop Running For His Life

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Delivery in 20 Minutes or Your Money Back?

food cops random act of kindness pizza restoring faith in humanity week - 8327484160
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cops commercials win Video trolltube - 60564225

This Will Make You Smile of the Day: Cops Pull People Over and Give Them a Tasty Surprise

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cops Norway Video police - 61508353

Patient Norwegian Police Deal With a Drunk

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cops random act of kindness sports basketball Video police - 71249409

Cops in the Bronx Happily School Some Locals in a Game of Basketball

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Calling All Units for a Bag of Chips

cops irony snacks - 8134387200
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cops speeding BAMF dash cam Video - 46768897

Getting the Speeders WIN

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This Guy is Looking Out for the Rest of Us

cops random act of kindness warning - 8120771584
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cops job driving facebook win police - 89606

After Being Pulled Over This Young Man Posted About the Lesson He Walked Away With

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Ice Cream WIN

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Scoot, in the Name of the Law!

cops Street Art hacked irl segway - 8321318400
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This Friendly Cop Saves The Day

cops gifs close call trains restoring faith in humanity week - 7401331968
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hero cops Video win - 61740801

Hero of the Day: Off-Duty Cop Saves a Man's Life After a Gas Station Crash

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Cop Warning WIN

cops marquee sign speed trap - 4790573824
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