close call

Disaster Averted!

keys elevator close call - 8222602752
By anselmbe
cycling close call bikes marathon - 48673025

This Guy Doesn't WIN With Grace, But He Pulls it Off

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accident close call Video truck lucky - 47094273

This Biker is Lucky to be Alive

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skydiving close call Video - 64008193

After a Terrifying Mid-Air Collision, These Skydivers Somehow Make it Out Unscathed

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skateboarding car close call Video win lucky - 225799

The Online Thing Better Than Landing Your Trick is Nailing a Life-Saving Reaction Afterwards

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Recovery WIN

gifs sports nice save close call scooter recovery - 6855197184
By Unknown

Heads Up WIN

bathroom close call mistake sign stop sign - 5912747776
Via redninja24
skydiving close call Video - 61910273

This Skydiver's Last-Minute Chute Pull Will Give You a Heart Attack

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random act of kindness close call Subway Video - 45186561

Saved on the Tracks WIN

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cars close call road rage Video only in russia - 57848321

This is Exactly What a Road Rager Deserves

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Meant to do That? Meant to do That.

skateboarding gifs close call - 8193378304
Via xscz
close call compilation Video airplane g rated win - 59848193

Watch This Video, Then Next Write a Thank You Note for Your Pilot

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balance close call BAMF vertigo Video - 59710977

This Incredible Unicycler Almost Doesn't Survive His Latest Stunt

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fishing close call oh god why Video - 70829569

Three Fishermen Barely Escape Death When a Plane Buzzes by Their Boat

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close call nice save skateboarding Video skating win - 70611201

Nice Save!

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Thanks For the Warning, I Guess?

close call laptop thief - 7241762304
By Unknown
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